Nobelity DVD used for IB Theory of Knowledge and SAT prep

I found the Nobelity DVD intrinsically valuable as a tool for several different kind of classes. I have three preps (classes) that I utilized Nobelity, all with different aims that were absolutely met by this riveting film. In my IB Theory of Knowledge, the 44 students appreciated an international call for activism that effects all humankind; as young scholars they were impressed by the real answers to complex problems offered by the Laureates. In my SAT Prep course, the 61 students used details of each Laureate to write a pro / con paper along the SAT rubric; this infused the course with relevant issues to write about. In my Creative Writing classes, the 64 students took a phrase or quote or image that compelled them to respond with a poem or prose vignette; there were so many inspirational moments that demanded a personal response. Of course, these pragmatic uses do not dilute the thrust of the Nobelity Project, but I think, amplify and enrich its extensions to all aspects of Public School Education.
F. J. Schaack, Ph.D.
Westwood HS, International Baccalaureate Program
Austin TX