Compare and Contrast Your School with Mahiga Hope

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This flexible lesson plan is designed to accompany the student-friendly documentary, Building Hope: The Story of Mahiga Hope High School.   Shot in both east Kenya and Texas, the film tells the engaging story of how a determined community in rural Kenya, Africa and the Central Texas-based Nobelity Project come together, overcome obstacles, and build the first high school in the region.

Related TEKS: World Cultures (Middle School)

16) Culture. The student understands how the components of culture affect the way people live and shape the characteristics of regions.
17) Culture. World Geography (High School)
he student understands the distribution, patterns, and characteristics of different cultures.

The lesson is designed to “hook” students through their own personal experiences with school and American culture. Next, students compare their own school experience with that of students in Kenya, Africa. Lastly, students are provided with a variety of opportunities to make real world connections, think critically, and express opinions about global issues such as education and citizenship.
BUILDING HOPE Lesson-Compare and Contrast

Students will be able to…

  • Identify and document (write) various aspects of culture in rural Kenya, with a focus on school life.
  • Identify and document (write) various aspects of their own school life in Texas, United States.
  • Evaluate similarities and differences between school life in rural Kenya and Texas (the United States).
  • Formulate and express (verbally and in writing) their opinions regarding school, education, community, and citizenship.

Building Hope Activity-Compare and Contrast Viewing Handout