Think Globally, Act Locally

A Nobelity Workshop for Extra Curricular Clubs

Purpose: To raise student awareness of global issues, to create meaningful dialogue and to help students find local action that will contribute to global solutions.

Materials: Index cards, pen or pencils, marker, posters or large marker board, Nobelity DVD and DVD player.

  • Activity: As students enter the viewing area they will each receive an index card with one of the following words on it:

  • “Decisions”
  • “Challenges”
  • “Disparities”
  • “Change”
  • “Knowledge”
  • “Persistence”
  • “Peace”
  • “Reason”

Although each student is responsible for viewing the entire film, the NHS sponsor will instruct students to pay special attention to the chapter of the film that corresponds with the word on their card. They will take notes on their assigned chapter with the understanding that these notes will contribute to an activity following the viewing of the film. Their notes should focus on the main theme, important facts, and information that they find surprising.

Once the film has been viewed, the sponsor will organize students into groups determined by the word on their card. All “Decisions” students will comprise one group; all “Challenges” students will become another group, and so on.

Students will have 15 minutes to half an hour to discuss their section of the film and come up with three local activities that will address the cause and/or theme addressed in their specific sections. Sponsors should encourage students to “think globally, act locally”. All too often students become overwhelmed with global concerns and believe that their actions do not matter; here is where the sponsor can help students make the connection from small action to larger global ramifications.

Each group will nominate a speaker to present their understanding of the assigned chapter and the three ideas that move toward solution.

The sponsor should keep notes on each group’s ideas on a large chart for all to see.

Once all groups have presented their ideas; the group as a whole will vote on the ideas they wish to implement on their campus or in their community. Students may consider one focus for the year or perhaps have a different focus for each month.

After consensus has been reached, students will discuss the chapter “Love” in an open forum led by the sponsor. The “Love” conversation may lead to a discussion of ideas that lead to an end of the year celebration to highlight the successes brought about by the activities adopted by the NHS chapter.