Cypress Elementary School connects to Kenya!

Do you love to read? You are not alone!

Muthuini Primary School in central Kenya is opening its very first library!
And you can help to fill the shelves with great  books.

These kids LOVE to read and are so excited to learn more about you by reading your favorite book!

All you need to do is:
*Pick out the book you’d like to share
*Open the front cover and write your name and grade level
*Write a note about why it’s your favorite book
*Drop it off in the lobby at school 

Reading and literacy skills are essential to a quality education, but library books are very rare in the rural schools where we work. In addition to the Kenyan library books we will provide, the books donated from your homes and schools help build a bridge of shared stories and understanding. Kids are kids, and a good read is better shared!

Thanks to the McCollum Family,  Natoma Architects, Boslika Contractors and Story Moja this beautifully re-purposed watertank will hold thousands of books for grades PreK-8th and serve older students and adults in the community as well.  We believe that everyone deserves a place to read and that those that read, succeed!
Asante Sana!

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