Treeplanting Materials

Reforesting Bastrop State Park and Eburu Forest

“When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.”

Professor Wangari Maathai, Founder of the Green Belt Movement & 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Lesson Plan (web | pdf)

Student Guide (web | pdf)

Evaluation (web)

Students take a broad look at the role that trees play in nature through their at-home investigation of a series of digital resources. They will then come to class with notes from their research and answers to formative assessment questions.

In class, students compare their research findings in a small group, mind mapping session where they brainstorm the roles that trees play in nature (habitat, carbon sequestration, human cultural uses such as lumber, paper, etc.) and discuss their answers to the formative assessment questions.

Based on their findings, students give examples of positive and negative aspects of forest fires and collaborate to compile a list with their classmates. The class will then watch a series of short videos about the Bastrop State Park forest fire of 2011, deforestation, reforestation, and positive land management techniques. After viewing these videos together, the class will evaluate and revise their answers to the formative assessment questions.

The instructor will facilitate a discussion about the global impact of deforestation and both global and local acts of reforestation, and draw a connection to the planting project in Bastrop State Park.

Additional Materials

The following are lessons, articles and media tools to use in your classrooms and clubs. The lessons are easily adaptable to your particular setting and indicate which TEKs they could cover.

  1. Wildfire in the Pines (Environmental Systems, Biology)
  2. Wildfire in the Pines – Extension (Earth Science)
  3. Wildfire in the Pines – Multimedia
  4. Articles (the lesson will tell you which you might need)
    Fire Behavior
    Historic Fire Season Ends in Texas
    Lost Pines of Bastrop County
    Nearly 1.5 Million Trees Expected to Die
    Trees and Forests
  5. Multimedia links
    The Nobelity Project Bastrop short film
    Texas Parks & Wildlife YouTube Channel
    Texas Parks & Wildlife photos from Bastrop
  6. Other suggested activities (from Environmental Education groups)
    Project WILD: Fire Ecologies (grades 9-12)
    Project WILD: Smokey Bear Said What? (grades 5-8, easily adapted to HS)
    Project Learning Tree: Living With Fire (K-8)
    Project Learning Tree: Secondary Environmental Education Program
    Understanding Fire
    Fire Management
    Story of Sucession
    Fighting Fire With Fire